Glittered & coloured splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks are a great way to increase light, spaciousness and different mirror options provide beautiful subtle colour reflections and styles. We have options for tinted mirrors, antiques and some are also provided in toughened forms to ensure maximum strength and provide heat resistance where it may be required. Mirrors are becoming an ever-popular way to for glass splashbacks, due to their natural reflective beauty.




Add a bit of glimmer and shine to your glass splashbacks with our glitter add-ons. We have a broad range of effects to choose from, from fine glitter and sparkles in various colour shades, rainbow sparkles and our very own pearlescent two-tone effects. Applied in various levels from light, medium to dense, mixing and matching these effects with a colour base will surely create something one of a kind. Enquire for all of our premade hand picked combinations or make your own.


Non-toughened plain mirrors
6mm Silver mirror
6mm Grey smoked mirror
6mm Bronze mirror
6mm Peach (rose gold mirror)
6mm Blue Mirror

Non-toughened Antique mirrors
6mm Silver antique
6mm Bronze antique
6mm Mirold antique

Toughened mirrors
6mm Silver mirror
6mm Grey smoked mirror
6mm Bronze mirror

Polished edges, cutting, drilling, waterjet cutouts or polished CNC cutouts where applicable, shaped panels, oversize panels.




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