Bespoke office partition and signwork in Camden

DateJuly 2018
LocationCamden London
ClientEcho Location talent agency
CategoryOffice commercial

A vibrant young company required a bespoke frameless glass partition with an emphasis on acoustic performance for private meetings

Our Solutions

We installed 10.8 acoustic laminated glass to the fixed side screens, as well as boosted acoustic performance laminated glass in partitions also offers the additional benefit of holding together in the even of a breakage.

On the front side we installed 10mm clear toughened glass with hydraulic pivot hinges which requires no floor spring to be installed. An integrated door stop and bespoke cutouts to sections where the glass had to wrap around obstacles. Finished off with company logos and frosting with vinyl to achieve a complete and stunning office partition designed to last. Design is done along side the clients requirements to ensure it is fit for their purpose.