Point fixed and frameless glass balustrades minimalistic

DateJanuary 2019
LocationNorth London
ClientAvissos Properties Ltd

An elegant balustrade system with minimal fixtures and thick 15mm glass, achieves a stunning modern look and feel.

Our Solutions

Client required a minimalistic balustrade look. We designed the staircase steel framework to incorporate pockets for frameless glass on landings. On flights glass will simply point fix onto the stairs elegantly. We helped design this from an early stage, which is important to create entire frameless systems as the pocket needs to be hidden within the stairs for glass to top fix into.

The entire system has a great balance between stability and good looks. The thick 15mm clear toughened glass is the final piece to the jigsaw. Client also required low maintenance glass, for which we used an Enduroshield coating creating a hydrophobic coating making cleaning up to 80% easier.