Bespoke black glass tiles cladding for Marian Goodman Gallery

DateJune 2017
LocationSoho, London
ClientMarian Goodman Gallery
CategoryInterior Desin

A stunning bespoke project, we were commissioned to supply and install black glass tiles to a specially made ramp structure. Created for the prestigious gallery Marian Goodman Gallery in Soho for the Theatre of disappearance exhibition showcasing work from the world famous artist Adrián Villar Rojas.

A particularly challenging project with an extremely sharp deadline of under 6 days. Glass outlet designed the glass requirements over night and manufactured over a weekend. A flurry of painting, checking, labelling. Sharp lead-times meant plenty of nights working to ensure the exhibition opened with everything complete.

Designed using 6mm low iron toughened glass, painted jet black including panels that returned into walk on glass. Installation was intricate as the cladding on the ramps had to line up perfectly with the ceramic tiles on the floor. This was a tag team effort between, designers, tilers and architects to ensure everything was installed to a high standard.

After successful installation and meeting the deadline the team could finally relax and the results were simply stunning. Sleepless nights and long hours to see our work in all its glory. One of our most challenging and enjoyable projects. A temporary exhibition, glass would eventually be destroyed to make way for new exhibitions.